Official MIDI Specifications

MIDI Implementation Chart version 2

This revised version of the standard MIDI Implementation Chart is designed as a quick reference guide that allows users to identify at a glance which MIDI messages and functions are implemented by the device. In this document, the term 'device' is defined as a hardware device or software program that (a) transmits and/or receives MIDI messages, and/or (b) reads and/or writes MMA- defined file formats. Use of the V2 MIDI Implementation Chart is optional. The standardization of this chart enables a user to judge the compatibility between two devices to be connected, simply by comparing the “Transmit/Export” column of one device with the “Recognize/Import” column of the other. For this reason, each chart should be the same size and should have the same number of lines if at all possible. This chart has been designed to fit both standard A4 and 8 1/2” x 11” paper. If a smaller page size is required for a particular product, page breaks may be inserted as necessary, but it is strongly recommended to maintain the row height of the original chart, in order to facilitate comparisons.
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