MMA Trademark Policies

The term "MIDI", the treatment of "MIDI" as used in the MIDI Association and MMA logos, and various other logos are all trademarks of the MMA and must only be used as directed below.

MIDI Trademark and Logo

"MIDI" refers to a series of copyrighted specifications ("MMA Specifications") maintained and published by MMA (and AMEI in Japan). Products, services, and technologies ("Products") based on the MMA Specifications are known, as "MIDI Products", "MIDI Files", etc. MMA has common law and other exclusive rights for the use of the term "MIDI" in conjunction with MMA Specifications and associated Products.

1. The term "MIDI" (whether alone or in conjunction with other terms or modifiers) may be used by other parties (a) in reference to Products that are compliant with MMA Specifications, and/or (b) in the name of a company that provides such Products, except as excluded by paragraph 2 (below). Permitted uses do not need to be approved in advance by MMA. Conversely, any use in reference to non-compliant Products and/or by a company that does not produce Products compliant with MMA Specifications is NOT ALLOWED.

2. The use of the term "MIDI" in combination with other terms or words to identify Products that while compliant with MMA Specifications also have additional functions that are not set forth in an MMA Specification is likely to lead people to expect that MMA has standardized said functions which is deceptive trade practice, false advertising, and unfair competition, and such uses are not allowed by MMA. Only MMA may use the term "MIDI" in conjunction with the naming of a technology or specification.

3. The treatment (font and design) of the term "MIDI" which appears in the MMA and TMA Logo (see web page header, above) and in logos licensed by MMA may not be used by any party without a license from MMA. At this time the only licenses that are available are listed below.

Logo Licenses

The following Logos are available to MMA Members for use with compliant products.

  • General MIDI Logos
  • SMF Logos
  • DLS Logos
  • XMF Logos