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Music Licensing, Pro Song Reviewers, Website Hosting

Broadjam handles the voting for the Country Music Awards, NAMM TEC Awards and for the MIDI Innovation Awards.  Broadjam allows you to send your music to film and TV licensing supervisors, get professional reviews of your song, and get your own templated website for your music. 

Get It In Writing

Integrated Media Strategies for A Connected World
You may not know us, but you know our clients – leaders and innovators in professional audio, music, video, connected homes, and sustainable technologies.

From innovative startups to Fortune 500 leaders, we represent today’s technological visionaries. We understand their products, their work, their users and their industries.

Get It in Writing is the PR company for the MIDI Association. 

Sound On Sound

Sound On Sound was founded in 1985 on the premise that MIDI would completely change the landscape of music production over the next few years. It did, of course, and part of Sound On Sound’s success was founded upon being there to help people understand the technology and make the transition into new ways of working.

MIDI remains a vital part of contemporary music production as it adapts to the opportunities provided by new technologies, but above all, it stands as a testament to what can be achieved when competing businesses are willing to cooperate on systems inter-operability for the benefit of end-users — an all too rare occurence in today’s commercial world.