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  • The Official MIDI Specifications

    The Official MIDI Specifications

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) provides the Specifications that make MIDI products interoperable.

As a MIDI Association member you have access to all of the online MIDI Specification documents published by MMA, as well as reference materials summarizing and explaining the numerous extensions and enhancements that have been made to MIDI technology since 1983.

Note: The MIDI Specifications developed prior to 1996 are only available in print, but we plan to make them available online to MIDI Association members in the near future.

If you need assistance with obtaining any of the MIDI Specifications, let us know using the Contact form on the site.


MIDI Reference Tables (7)

Our reference tables are the quick and easy way to look up the meaning of a particular MIDI message number, find a Manufacturer ID Number, find international standards that incorporate MIDI, and more.

Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification (1)

This section contains the 1996 edition of the MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification (including MIDI Show Control, MIDI Machine Control, and MIDI Time Code) plus the complete list of extensions and enhancements to MIDI technology made to date.

General MIDI ("GM") Specifications (4)

The General MIDI (GM) Specifications define features for MIDI content and playback devices so that content will play back the same on all compatible devices. There are three versions of General MIDI: GM Level 1, GM 2, and GM Lite. This section also contains Content Developer Guidelines, GM Logo Rules, and more.

Downloadable Sounds (DLS) Specifications (5)

The Downloadable Sounds (DLS) specifications define the means to create and playback sound data (waveforms and playback parameters) on compatible sample-based synthesizers from a variety of vendors. There are 3 separate DLS Specifications: DLS Level 1, DLS Level 2, and Mobile DLS.

Standard MIDI Files ("SMF") (2)

Information about the Standard MIDI File (SMF) Specification, and these updates: - SMF Lyrics/Display Meta-events - SMF Program Name /Device Name Meta-events - XMF Patch Prefix SMF Meta-event

MIDI Transport Specifications (1)

The original MIDI 1.0 Specification called for using a 5-Pin DIN cable to connect MIDI compatible devices, but that's no longer required. Today there are many different "transports" for MIDI, including USB MIDI, IEEE-1394 MIDI, RTP-MIDI, and Bluetooth LE MIDI.