eXtensible Music Format ("XMF")

About XMF

The XMF Specification defines a file format containing one or more other files – such as Standard MIDI Files, Downloadable Sound (DLS) instrument files, WAV files, or other digital audio files, etc. – to create a collection of all the resources needed to present a musical piece.

About Mobile XMF

Mobile XMF (XMF Type 2) is an audio format that bundles a Scalable-Polyphony MIDI (SP-MIDI) file, custom instrument samples (Mobile DLS), and copyright information all in one deliverable package (designed for mobile phones).

Registered XMF IDs

The XMF Meta File Format depends on MMA management of certain ID numbers. This page displays the current state of all MMA-managed IDs in XMF.

XMF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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MIDI Names, Device Types, & Events in XML

The MIDI XML Specifications provide a standard XML representation for each MIDI event, and provide a means to exchange information about available patches, controls, and other features of a MIDI device.