General MIDI ("GM") Specifications

The General MIDI Specifications (GM 1, GM 2, and GM Lite) define specific features and behaviors for compliant MIDI devices. In particular, files created for GM devices all use the same GM Sound Set which helps provide for more consistant playback among different MIDI devices.

General MIDI (GM 1)

The GM System Level 1 Specification is a definition of features and performance requirements for sound generating devices, including a GM Sound Set, multitimbral playback, and more...

GM 1 Sound Set

General MIDI's most recognized feature is the list of 128 Instrument sounds (or "patches") and 47 Percussion sounds that all GM devices must support...

General MIDI 2 (GM 2)

GM 2 is an extension to GM 1 which is backward compatible but increases both the number of available sounds and the amount of control available for sound editing and musical performance.

General MIDI Lite

The General MIDI Lite Specification is a subset of GM 1 that was developed for distribution and playback of MIDI files on mobile phone networks.

General MIDI Logos

GM Logos are available for MMA Members to use with qualifying compliant products on packaging and marketing materials.