MIDI 2.0 Specifications

MIDI 2.0 Specifications V1.0

MIDI 2.0 is an extension of MIDI 1.0. It does not replace MIDI 1.0 but builds on the core principles, architecture, and semantics of MIDI 1.0. 

MIDI has grown and continued to serve users well since its inception in 1983 as the worldwide standard method of musical communication and control. The MIDI industry, through the standardization work of the Association of Music Electronics Industry (AMEI) and the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA), has greatly expanded the capabilities and market reach of MIDI in the years and decades since 1983. 

MIDI 1.0 has some limitations for future expansion which are addressed by MIDI 2.0. A foundational architecture for MIDI 2.0 expansion is defined by the MIDI Capability Inquiry (MIDI-CI) specification. 

MIDI-CI allows Devices with bidirectional communication to agree to use extended MIDI capabilities beyond those already defined in MIDI 1.0, while carefully protecting backward compatibility. Download the MIDI-CI specification below. 
MIDI 2.0 is not a stand-alone specification. Manufacturers and developers must have a thorough understanding of MIDI 1.0 in order to implement MIDI 2.0. 

Download the MIDI 2.0 Core Specifications