Official MIDI Specifications

MIDI-CI Specification

MIDI-CI defines an architecture that allows Devices with bidirectional communication to agree to use extended MIDI capabilities beyond those defined in MIDI 1.0, while carefully protecting backward compatibility. MIDI-CI features “fall back” mechanisms so that if a Device does not support new features MIDI continues to work as defined by MIDI 1.0. Goals of MIDI-CI design:
Fully backward compatible: supports continued MIDI 1.0 functionality for any Devices that do not recognize extended MIDI features enabled by MIDI-CI.
  1. Allow easy configuration between MIDI-CI Devices.
  2. Sender can know the capabilities of a Receiver.
  3. Sender and Receiver can negotiate auto-configuration details
  4. Define method for negotiating choice of Protocol between Devices.
  5. Define method for using Profiles.
  6. Define method for Discovering, Getting, and Setting a wide range of Device Properties. 
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