Official MIDI Specifications

Universal MIDI Packet and MIDI 2.0 Protocol Specification

This Specification defines two major extensions to the MIDI 1.0 Protocol:
  • Universal MIDI Packet (UMP) Format
    UMP can contain all MIDI 1.0 Protocol messages and all MIDI 2.0 Protocol messages in a single, common container definition with a payload format which is intended to be usable in (or easily adaptable for) any standardized or proprietary data transport.
  • MIDI 2.0 Protocol
    The MIDI 2.0 Protocol is an extension of the MIDI 1.0 Protocol. Architectural concepts and semantics remain the same as MIDI 1.0. Compatibility for translation to/from the MIDI 1.0 Protocol is given high priority in the design of the MIDI 2.0 Protocol.
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