Official MIDI Specifications

DLS Proprietary Chunk IDs

The MMA maintains a database of the master IDs, and manufacturers are encouraged to publish their own product assignments (sub-IDs). MMA IDs are not transferable, nor assignable by nor to any other person or entity. The MMA assignment of Proprietary Chunk IDs is intended to prevent conflicts and incompatibilities.

Upon acceptance of a properly executed application and payment of requisite annual fees, each manufacturer is assigned a fixed 3-digit alpha-numeric ID and an additional "variable" digit (letters A-Z and numbers 0-9) which allows them to describe up to 36 different products or product families of their choosing.

The Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Specification describes the format of Proprietary Chunks as well as all other data chunks which are allowed in a DLS RIFF file. For a complete understanding of Proprietary Chunk IDs, please consult the DLS Specification.


Current as of November, 2004

MMA_ MIDI Manufacturers Association
ESS_ ESS Technology
CRS_ Crystal Semiconductor
YMH_ Yamaha Corporation
SEM_ Sony Ericsson