Official MIDI Specifications

General MIDI Level 2

General MIDI 2
is a group of extensions made to General MIDI (Level 1) allowing for expanded standardized control of MIDI devices. This increased functionality includes extended sounds sets and additional performance and control parameters.

New MIDI Messages:
Numerous new MIDI messages were defined specifically to support the desired performance features of General MIDI 2.
  • MIDI Tuning Bank/Dump Extensions (C/A-020)
  • Scale/Octave Tuning (C/A-021)
  • Controller Destination Setting (C/A-022)
  • Key-Based Instrument Controll SysEx Messages (C/A-023)
  • Global Parameter Control SysEx Message (C/A-024)
  • Master Fine/Course Tuning SysEx Messages (C/A-025)
  • Modulation Depth Range RPN (C/A-026)
General MIDI 2 Message:
Universal Non-Realtime System Exclusive sub-ID #2 under General MIDI sub-ID #1 is reserved for General MIDI 2 system messages
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